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Landing Page, UI / UX


My role at was focused on the Payment Option (PO) Pages. My first project was to revamp the "Whose Searching for You" (WSFY) PO page (see® WSFY, PO Page Study, Original.) The first challenge was to make something that behaved responsively, followed by updating the look and feel to match the current purchase funnel, and lastly (but most importantly) creating a motivating design that converted users into paying customers!


Before starting this project, I approached the Marketing Director to get a better feel for the product - where are our customers coming from? What are they expecting at this stage of the funnel? What companies are our competition? After a number of discussions, it was clear that the existing PO page spoke to a previous generation of the site, and that a radical redesign was necessary.

Style Guide

The most obvious update to the PO page was the look and feel. The green look was consistent with the previous generation of, but was no longer in use anywhere else on the site. As a result, once the customer went through the purchase funnel it looked like they were on an entirely different site. This disjointed experience hurts our trust factor - making our product feel like a scam and causing drop off. In response, I dove into the style guide to create a new unified template for all our PO pages to be based on.

Refining the Message

The existing message centered around how much the user could save on our product. This angle works well if the benefit to the consumer has already been established. Unfortunately,'s products were fairly nebulous - even our employees sometimes had trouble assigning value to them! Thus, I knew for a fact our consumers would be in the same boat. So I changed the messaging to be focused on our USP's and why exactly the consumer needed our product. An educated customer is a paying customer!

Reorganizing the Content

This is where a Marketing Web Designer can really out-shine UX / UI designers. We take the message and break it down to its core marketing principles and format them in a way the compels users to purchase. A UX / UI designer knows enough to get get all the basics on the page - but the Marketing Web Designer takes it to the next step. Please download my Marketing UX / UI notes for how and why I reorganized the content. You will need to turn on the Comments feature in Acrobat to review my notes.

The success of this landing page owes to its simple messaging and solid core of marketing principles. It doesn't drown the customer in fluff while at the same time it clearly directs the customer to the message and call to action.

UI / UX Testing

As a new employee to, I was in the unique position where I was able to rely on my own first impressions. After my first pass through the purchase funnel it became obvious why we had such a significant drop off. The button that lead to the PO page was labeled "Click Here for Free Results," but the PO page simply asked for a credit card number - no free results anywhere! Simple observations like this can dramatically improve sales - you just need someone as keyed into marketing as I am to spot them!

Once the basic wireframe and messaging of the new PO page had been established, I utilized internal resources to review the user experience. My initial desktop drafts were spot on, but the mobile variants required some tweaking. Marketing design presents a unique case scenario where adaptive design can truly be more effective than just responsive design. The initial responsive drafts pushed the "Free Results" way below the fold. My test audience also pointed this out, so I created an alternative adaptive design which received a much more positive response.


  • Replaced the static, generic teasers with dynamic content that was much more compelling; resulting in a motivated consumer.
  • Discovered and resolved a major drop off issue through UX testing by simply providing the consumer with the "Free Results" they were promised from the previous screen.
  • Redesigned the cart form to be faster and less intimidating - subconsciously herding the customer to the goal much more effectively.® WSFY, PO Page Study - Property of®

Project Highlights

  • Replaced static, generic teasers with dynamic and compelling content, resulting in higher consumer motivation.
  • Identified and resolved a significant drop-off issue through UX testing by delivering promised "Free Results," improving user retention.
  • Redesigned the cart form to be faster and less intimidating, effectively guiding customers toward the purchase goal.® WSFY, PO Page Study, Default - Property of®® WSFY, PO Page Study, Default - Property of®® WSFY, PO Page Study, No Results - Property of®® WSFY, PO Page Study, No Results - Property of®® WSFY, PO Page Study, Original - Property of®® WSFY, PO Page Study, Original - Property of®