Senior UI/UX Designer and CMS Developer

Specializing in designing creative solutions tailored for individuals seeking enhanced sales, A/B testing optimization, and elevating UX/UI for quality customer experiences.

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What People Are Saying

Betsy is one in a million! She is one of those unicorn designers that can strut the thin line between design and code... like a boss. She's the type of designer that can literally do it all by herself, yet the most wonderful thing about Betsy is that she's a thoughtful collaborator that sincerely cares about the brand and the team's health. I would love another opportunity to work with Betsy again in the future. Any team she joins will be extremely fortunate to have her.

Lucio Peralta

Creative Director at Laserfiche

Betsy is not only an incredibly kind and creative human, she is a hard worker and truly an expert in her role. She delivers uncompromising quality in her work and is always there lend a helping hand. It's a pleasure to work alongside her.

Chelsea McIntyre

Content Marketing Associate at Laserfiche

"Betsy was wonderful to work with. To every project whether big or small she brought the the same level of commitment, attention to detail and creativity. She did a superb job as an art director and manager under challenging circumstances, maintaining her composure and delivering on time with a caring attitude and great organizational skills to manage multiple projects. She is definitely a valuable asset to have on your team."

Rosemary Ampuero Jacobs

Director of Digital Strategy, Marketing & Merchandising at Guthy-Renker

"Liz is not only a talented graphic designer; she is also an expert in UX/UI and HTML. Within weeks of joining our team Liz improved our project tracking system and created a tool to streamline the creation of our weekly emails and newsletters. Even with our aggressive weekly release schedule, Liz always exceeded our partner's high standards with clever and impactful banner creative and promotional landing pages. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Liz again in the future."

Yvonne Kilgariff

Senior Manager, Marketing Services at Rovi

"Liz Shaules designed our site more than 10 years ago and has been committed to its maintenance and improvement ever since. Her solutions to both technological and design problems which have arisen over the years have been as intuitive as they have been creative. The respect and trust that people around the world have for this site would not be possible without her dedication to it."

Fielding M. McGehee III

Site Manager for Alternative Considerations of Jonestown & Peoples Temple

"Liz Shaules is hands down one of the best designers in the industry. Her past experience and knowledge of direct marketing allowed us to expand our customer base thru digital acquisition while maintaining the strictest of brand standards. She has an ability to look at a creative and instantly know what changes can be made to increase performance. Liz has a positive personality, an unparalleled work ethic, is a team player and an absolute pleasure to work with."

Deanna Bershad

Director of Digital Media at Guthy-Renker

"Liz will be an asset to any team. Besides her skills as a designer, she has mastery in image manipulation to create any type of image needed for your marketing message. If you have an idea, Liz can make it happen. If you don't an idea, Liz can craft your message. She has worked with multiple million dollar buys in the Online Direct Marketing space, and has a good understanding of A/B testing. Based on data, Liz will make changes or improvements into her designs. She takes pride in her work, but doesn't have that "Artist Ego". Liz will work with the team to get the marketing message across; but more important, improve ROI."

Toyo Fukuda

Creative Director at Studio N/A