Hello!  My name is Betsy Parker — and I am a successful web designer and developer with more than 20 years of experience supercharged with a passion for marketing!  Interested in what makes me tick?  Take a look at my handy frequently asked questions:

What is a “Senior UI/UX Designer and WordPress Developer?”

Senior UI/UX Designer and WordPress Developer is a multi-disciplinary field that combines the core principles from UX, UI, and Visual Design with a healthy dose of Marketing Principles.  The Marketing Web Designer is ultimately responsible for the conversion of a viewer into a paying customer.  Unlike other designers, a Marketing Web Designer understands how to utilize marketing and consumer (A/B) testing to increase sales, the customer experience, and customer retention.

Why did you become a web designer?

You know how they always say to do what you love and you will never work a day in your life?  I got very lucky and was able to do just that by becoming a web designer!

As a teenager, my free time was spent honing my skills in MS Paint and delving into the fundamentals of HTML. While the tools have evolved, my enduring passion for typography and imagery remains steadfast. Unlike traditional fine arts, the realm of web design is driven by communication. Embracing this challenge fuels my enthusiasm, as I leverage both my artistic sensibilities and technical prowess to craft bespoke solutions.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I actually have two moments I’m extremely proud of – becoming the Lead Web Designer for Guthy-Renker and my professional growth with the UX / UI redesign of LoanMart.com.

My time at Guthy-Renker began as a Web Designer on a team of seven designers.  With the Sr. Art Director’s blessing, I worked to improve design, CTR, and conversions as a whole through a number of improvements.  A few highlights include: instructional talks on Marketing Design, organizing educational meetings about our products and their demographics (to make our designs more effective), as well as introducing new cart templates that allowed us to dramatically improve conversion.  Recognizing my skill as a strong designer and leader, the Creative Director promoted me to Lead Web Designer with two direct reports under me focused on landing pages, emails, banner ads, and anything else sales driven.

My second accomplishment is a much more personal victory: being able to grow as a designer and strut my stuff as the UX / UI lead for the redesign of LoanMart.com.  This redesign was by far the largest scale project I had ever worked with, and its success was largely possible due to the fantastic support I received from LoanMart’s team.  Whether it was working with the Project Manager to set up feasible Gantt Charts or discussing functionality and requirements directly with the IT team; this support enabled me to step out of traditional marketing design and develop my skills in order to launch a fully responsive website.

How do you stay current? What inspires you?

My inspiration can come from anywhere!  There are so many different forms of communication: a billboard I pass on the street, to art books, to packaging design.  They all help me grow and become a better designer.

Websites and Blogs
Without a doubt, websites and blogs are the way I stay current in this industry. I have a few default sites I go to all the time (ie. Web Designer Depot, Awwwards, HubSpot, etc.)  Sometimes you can even find design trends in unlikely places such as Pinterest Boards or even the current trending items through Envato Market!

Every so often, stepping away from the computer will help center me.  In my down time you can often find me sewing.  I love the tactile nature of it, and working with a three dimensional project is a marvelous change of pace.  Check out my Beauty and the Beast costume study!